what İs onlİne check –İn?

Online check-in is before all the passengers come to the airport to make a flight with ticketed reservations, check-in is a service that allows them to conduct operations from any location with an internet connection. Passengers can make online check-in starting from 24 hours before flight departure time, upto 90 minutes .

what İs electronİc tİcket, e-tİcket?

Electronic ticket without editing the paper ticket is stored electronically for all reservation and flight data. Possible rebooking, rerouting and refund request flight acceptance procedures are conducted electronically through the stored ticket information. Electronic ticket only difference from paper tickets on all electronic ticket information is stored on computer systems. Thus, the reservation and ticket records can be reached without paper tickets. All ticket information is stored electronically, the system instantly and sell you all the information including a "travel document" is given. Reservations and payments will continue as in paper ticket and you get the travel document or not, the check in counter is made only with a photo ID (identity card, driving license, passport, marriage certificate) .

what İs pnr?

Pnr number (Reservation number) is known as the reservation number found on the flights cut output. This number is a special number that is consisting of numbers and you can take your flight.

what İs promotİon tİcket?

Promotional tickets, from the moment of purchase, return/change and cancellations are not allowed.

i am pregnant, can i take a trİp?

For preganant passengers Twenty-eight weeks (seven months) have not filled no repot is requested.

Passengers who are pregnant from beginning of 28 weeks until end of week 35 with a single baby should receive a report from their doctors as "no mind to plane trip" . For passenger pregnant for Thirty-six weeks and after even the doctor's report is not allowed to travel.

For Passengers pregnant for Two or more babies even At the beginning of week 28  week upto end of week 31 they should receive from their doctors report as " there is no mind for airplane travel" . For passenger pregnant for 32 weeks and after even the doctor's report is not allowed to travel.

The doctor report should not be more than 7 days.

The name surname, diploma number and signature must be indicated for the doctor who has prepared the report.

The language of the report must be in English or Turkish.

i want to travel wİth my baby?

Passengers who have not celebrated the second birthday are classified as "infant passengers" (0-24 months).

An adult may accompany one baby. It must necessarily be of a different companion for the second baby. In the absence of a companion ticket must be purchased for the child for a second baby. Car-type baby seat in the event of purchasing child ticket must be introduced.

The age of the companion other than parents must be greater than 18.

Usually within the first 48 hours after the baby's birth can not be accepted for flights.

The babies in the range of 2-7 days are allowed to fly only with doctor report stating "there is no inconvenience in travel by plane".

Baby Tickets must be issued for a baby . The baby seat is not entitled. Baby parent / companion will travel with additional connecting the lap belt.

In response to demand; baby travel seat passengers can be provided for a fee. In case of purchase of tickets is regulated child seat for the baby. In order to connect with the baby seat stroller seat belt / child seat it must be provided by the passenger.